From avatar dating to parkour: The weirder side of MWC13

  • 28 February 2013
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You've already seen new devices, new mobile OS's, a new open-source platform, and of course, Webroot SecureAnywhere this year in Barcelona. But you probably missed the stranger devices and booths. Fortunately, PC Mag didn't. And they made a top 10 list. Here are three of the weirdest. Click the aforementioned link to see the rest!
1. State of Oregon Booth

(Source: PC Mag)
In an event dedicated to mobile devices and innovative technology in Spain, how does the Beaver State fit in? Your guess is as good as mine.
2. HTC's world of Parkour

(Source: PC Mag)
Don't get me wrong. The French-originating sport of moving fluidly from one spot to another is cool. So is HTC's new flagship phone-the HTC One. That's about the only connection I can make between the two.
3. Galaxy

(Source: PC Mag)
Not to be confused with Samsung's ultra-popular phone line, this is a avatar-based chatting app with a specific focus-flirting and dating. I didn't realize how popular avatars are. 22 million users already. Wow.
And now you've seen it all. Another year, another great Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Till next year!

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