IT Security Pro - Is your Web security agile enough for today's Internet?

  • 11 January 2013
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Is your Web security agile enough for today's Internet?
The Web - and the way employees use it - is changing.
Static 2D Web browser usage is being replaced by dynamic and multi-dimensional pages, all driven by extensible code.
Extensible code can take many forms - ActiveX, HTML5, Java, you name it - but most Web security platforms cannot defend your data from what has become a multi-threaded and complex programming environment.
Whilst your users are enjoying a rich multimedia Internet, a new range of security threats can fly in under the wire.
This Webinar will brief you on the nature of these threats and what you - and your hosting provider - can do to prevent any problems.
Along the way you will learn:
What threats extensible code poses your IT platform…
Which strategies are required to counter these threats…
The challenges that IPv6 adds to the communications/security mix…
How a client/cloud architecture can provide a different approach to preventing viruses and malware…
Why cloud-based secure Web gateway technology is the intelligent way forward…
Registration and details are available at:
The event is scheduled for Jan. 31st, 2013 at 8:00 AM Mountain Time.


1 reply

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This webinar may be over, but you can still watch it on demand by registering using the link above. 🙂