Live Webinar: 2016 Malware Review and Top Threat Predictions for 2017

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2016 Malware Review and Top Threat Predictions for 2017
Presented by Tyler Moffitt, Webroot Senior Threat Research AnalystJanuary 24th, 2017 1:00 pm EST  Join us for a live webinar providing an overview of the threats against a wide range of organizations and individuals during 2016, as well as a look into 2017 and our predictions regarding the evolving threat landscape.
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We hope you were able to join us for our Live Webinar!
If not, no worries.
Here's a quick recap of the main points Tyler went over:
Headlines of 2016
-Swift and bank thefts
-Major data breaches
Attack vectors
-Exploits kits
The year of ransomware
-Ransomware variants
-Ransomware ecosystem
Predictions for 2017
-Users have a 92% chance of visiting a zero-day phishing site annually
Stay up-to-date on all of the security trends for 2017. Click here to watch the full recording now.


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