Live Webinar: Next-Gen Endpoint Security

  • 1 December 2016
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Hear from an industry expert
Smarter Cybersecurity™ solutions start with next-gen protection. Discover the smarter way to protect endpoints in this live webinar. 
Presented by Shane Cooper, senior sales engineer at Webroot, this webinar will:
  • Examine the state of polymorphic malware
  • Discuss how businesses can create a stronger security posture
  • Demonstrate Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection
  • Offer a live Q&A session for participants
We hope you can join us for this live, educational session.
Date:  December 8th
Time: 11:00 AM MST
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In case you weren't able to attend our Live viewing, here's a quick recap:
Why We're Different
Next-generation Endpoint Protection with Millions of Users
Traditional Approach

  • Scans interfere with user productivity
  • Product code often out of date
  • Signatures are out of date and can't detect zero-day threats
  • Hard to distribute signatures across all customers
  • Large footprint on PC (700 MB)
  • Hard to deploy
  • Requires servers and on-site infrastructure
  • Annoying emails and pop-ups
  • Support is hard to get and requires lengthy calls or emails
  • Takes up to 2 weeks to detect threats and update customers
  • Infected machines have to be reimaged

Webroot: The Smarter Approach
  • Ultra-fast no-impact scanning
  • Automatic updates are never out of date
  • No signatures, behaviour-based heuristics detect new attacks
  • All customers protected when new threats seen anywhere
  • Less than 1 MB in size
  • Installation takes 5 seconds
  • No on-site infrastructure or costly hardware
  • Context-driven in-product messages
  • In-product support and tickets resolved in ~10 minutes
  • Identifies new malware and updates all customers in real time
  • No re-imaging, machines are restored to their uninfected state
Other enticing features that are noteworthy:
  1. Contextual, Predictive Intelligence
  2. URLs, IPs, Apps, Files, Phishing
  3. Journaling/Rollback Remediation
  4. Full Forensic Data
To learn more about the ever-evolving threat landscape,
click here to watch our free full Webinar.