Live Webinar: WannaCry & NotPetya Deep Dive

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WannaCry and NotPetya have wreaked the most havoc seen by ransomware yet. Not only was it able to hit computers previously unsusceptible to ransomware by using NSA exploits, but it was also able to severely disrupt the infrastructure of nations like Ukraine and Health organization in the UK. Over 150 International Corporations ranging from car factories to container ships vessels had to halt in tracks to deal with this ransomware. In this Deep Dive presentation you will learn about these types of ransomware in depth and also learn how to keep your clients safe.

Webinar highlights include:

- How Petya-based & WannaCry ransomware works and spreads
- The unpacked code analysis
- Other potential exploits and attack vectors to keep an eye on
- How you can protect your clients
- Q&A
Join us for a live webinar August 15th! Register here.

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