MSPmentor Webinar: Making the World Safe for Everyone Tues Nov 10th @ 2pm ET

  • 23 October 2015
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Making the World Safe for Everyone
Session Two of Three: Dealing with the Threat Within, Customer Employees

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT
If you provide security protection for a living, you dread waking up to learn that one of your customers has succumbed to an attack from outside rogue source. As frightening as this scenario is, a systems breach is more likely to occur from within—more often than not by simple human error. It’s true. Studies show most cyber compromises are caused by employees who don’t follow proper procedures, who operate in a careless manner or who lack expertise and click on things they shouldn’t. In this seminar, learn from a Penton Technology Expert the key things every solution provider must do to help a customer protect itself from its own workers. This includes the tools they should rely on most, and the key policies that every employee must adhere to.
Series Overview
A good firewall and some capable anti-virus software. Not long ago, that’s about all an organization needed to protect itself from cyber intrusion and systems compromise. Things were much simpler when good guys were on the inside, bad guys on the out. But no more. Today’s threat landscape is far more complex than a mere few years ago. End customers are more likely to be compromised by an internal asset than an external threat—human error most likely. So how can a solution provider best help protect its customers? (Hint: the answer isn’t layering on more and more technology.) Instead, it’s recommending the right innovations and developing the best policy framework possible. Achieving these aims is difficult in today’s complex world of mobile devices, cloud applications and decentralized decision making. But it can be made easier when you step back see an end customer not as one monolithic bloc, but as an amalgam of different constituents, each with their own needs, objectives and vulnerabilities, instead. In this three-part series sponsored by Webroot, Penton Technology examines three different customer constituencies—customers, employees and business partners—and provides insights as to what partners must to best protect each.
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