Our EMEA team is on the road, have we been to your city?

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We've been on the road from Edinburgh to Slovenia. Have we been to your city?
4-5 March, 2015
IT Solutions Expo
John McLaughlin & Lemi Kocaharzem, from WeCloud.
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden 

Date: 3-4 February, 2015
IT Partners 2015
Franck Mananga, Karl Twyford, Adam Nash
Location: Disneyland Paris, France

Adam Nash & Thierry Navarro, from MSP Partner Distro.

9 February, 2015
Labtech User Group
Andrew Bagnato
Location: Edinburgh

24 February, 2015
Bakotech Roadshow
Location: Budapest, Hungary

25 February, 2015
Bakotech Roadshow
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Bakotech Roadshows
Locations: Sofia, Poland, or Sencur, Solvenia

5-6 March, 2015
Autotask MSP Accelerator Roadshow
Location: Hanover, Germany


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