RSA Conference 2014 - San Francisco

  • 24 February 2014
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Well, here I am sitting in San Francisco, waiting for the big day to start tomorrow for RSA Conference.  I just got back from a small tour of the exhibit hall with our event mananger, Cindy, and I have got to say I am already blown away by the indusrty.  Webroot is sponsoring the show again this year, and we have an amazing booth and team to really push it through this year.  I wanted to toss a few photos up here before the week got crazy, but promise to keep eveyone updated as we go on.  @ will be keeping this updated with the photos I send throughout the show as well.
You can also follow@Webroot and@RCMelick on Twitter to see the live updates, along with@Gmilbourne for security news.

5 replies

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Here's the booth all setup:

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Here's some more photos from the event that Richard sent us:

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More photos of the booth in action:

Some fun swag.  Don't they look like they should be handcuffed to one's wrist? :)

Our CEO Dick Williams looking on:

@ presenting:

The "booth babes" :)

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Thanks @ & @ for the pictures so I see BrightCloud is being pushed in the front for Business Customers. Maybe you can give more info when time permits as it looks interesting?
Yea, wasn't able to convince my company to let me go ro RSA, atleast tehy're paying for a couple other conventions this year.