Take a closer look at Ransomware! Webinar: LIVE CryptoLocker infection

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Ransomware is a true plague for today’s industry. Unfortunately this type of cybercrime seems to pay off: it has been said that the creators of the notorious CryptoLocker virus approximately earned $30 million. This financial aspect plus the recently leaked CryptoLocker source code could explain increasingly sophisticated ransomware arising on a regular basis.
To give partners a better understanding of this subject Contec B.V. has set up an exclusive ransomware webinar on April 29th and May 13th.  By executing a LIVE CryptoLocker infection, an IT security consultant will demonstrate:
- How the virus proceeds after infection
- How an organization can quickly determine the source in case of an infection
- What steps are advisable after an infection
There is a limited number of places available, so register quickly!
Register now:
Wednesday 29th April 2015
Wednesday 13th May 2015

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