Webinar: Demystifying Today's Threat Landscape - April 9th at 11am PST

  • 6 April 2015
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Viruses, trojans, and other forms of malware were destructive enough when they hit our computers through spam or compromised websites. Now, though, hackers are using social engineering to deliver malware through sophisticated spear phishing and watercooler schemes and using similar techniques to steal data and compromise supposedly secure systems. Users become the weak link in the security chain with these sorts of attacks, unintentionally opening the door for hackers. All of this, as well as new threat vectors and customizable malware, makes for an especially dangerous threat landscape.
The Channel Company is proud to present “Demystifying Today’s Threat Landscape”, a live ChannelCast in which you will
  • Hear about the current state of malware and see breakdown of current threats
  • Learn about the influence of social engineering on infections
  • Discover how to address the rapidly evolving threat landscape with Webroot and LabTech.
Don’t miss “Demystifying Today’s Threat Landscape”, sponsored by WebRoot.
Join our webinar for a chance to win a Jawbone Jambox – Black Diamond speaker!
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1 reply

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Here's the video for those who missed it: