Webinar June 9th at 3pm CEST - 5 Ways to Fight the Cyrptolocker Epidemic

  • 1 June 2016
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We're doing this in partnership with Datto:
Cryptolocker and its kin are holding business data to ransom. Without preventative measures, ransomware causes downtime and can cost an SME massive sums of money – which could put some companies out of business.
Datto and Webroot have joined together to fight the epidemic. We’ll share strategies to tackle the growing malicious cyber attacks that businesses face today, and how to maintain a secure IT environment for your customers.
Join us and discover 5 steps to secure your customers environments, prevent infection, and recover if the worst does happen.

Webinar Speaker:

Kelvin Murray, Threat Researcher at Webroot International
Chris Tate, Business Development Director at Datto EMEA
Josh Lambert, Sales Engineering Manager at Datto EMEA
Register here.

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Was this webinar recorded? And if so, how can i access the recording?