Webroot at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 15 in DC

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June is just nine days in and already, it's been a conference-packed month. With InfoSec in London and Automation Nation in Orlando already completed, the focus shifts to the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit going on right now (June 8 - June 11) in the Washington D.C area, where we're a Premier Exhibitor with a booth and a number of speaking sessions. We're very excited about for yet another great opportunity to showcase our Collective Threat Intelligence at a major security show. 
Check out some pictures from the event (so far):
The calm before the storm. Booth setup Complete!

Attendees get to experience Collective Threat Intelligence in action at the Webroot booth.

The booth is staying busy during the show!



Oh, and tonight we're at the hospitality suite from 6-9 PM, where there will be a cash machine and a raffle. The grand prize? This bad boy: 

Stay tuned for more pictures and info from the event! 

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Hal Lonas is giving a talk there:



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IT risk becoming corporate governance issue, says Gartner.

By  Mark Sutton Published  September 20, 2015 IT risk is increasingly treated as corporate governance issue, according to a new survey by Gartner.
The survey of large companies found that in 71% of organisations, IT risk management data influences decisions at a board level. In 38% of the responding companies, the most senior person responsible for information security reports outside of the IT organisation.
Gartner surveyed 964 respondents in large organizations - with at least $50 million equivalent in total annual revenue for fiscal year 2014, and with a minimum of 100 employees - in seven countries between February and April 2015.
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