Webroot in New York City for SIFMA Tech 2013

  • 18 June 2013
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SIFMA Tech 2013 is off to a quick start in the Big Apple and people are filling up the exhibition halls at the Hilton New York in Midtown, Manhattan.
Not only is Webroot attending the event, but we're a Silver Sponsor! This means that we have a booth (#1839), where a team of some of our finest 'Webrooters' are demoing SecureAnywhere, giving out cool free swag, and answering all of your Webroot and cloud-based security questions.
And that's not all. Tomorrow, our very own Security Intelligence Director Grayson Milbourne will be hosting a learning lab (Learning Lab Theater 2-2:20 PM EST) as well as a co-speaking with Avivah Litan, VP of Gartner Inc, during a session titled "Can Collective Cloud Intelligence Combat Today's Financial and E-Commerce Threats?" (2:45-3:30 PM EST).
Don't miss out! More info and pictures from SIFMA to come.

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3 replies

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After two days of booths filled with company swag, keynote sessions, personal demos, and learning labs from the New York Hilton, SIFMA Tech 2013 in the Big Apple officially ended yesterday.
I was very fortunate to be there and got to attend some of the talks and help out with the booth. From a Webroot perspective, we had some great conversations and I believe our featured keynote session and learning lab yesterday both went great. A big thanks to Andrew Bagnato and Chad Bacher for giving great presentations and answering questions!
Here are some highlights from Chad Bacher and Avivah Litan's (of Gartner) presentation. First, were the recommendations at the end of Avivah's talk:
  • Establish an overarching identity proofing and fraud management framework for your organization that includes multiple layers.
  • Deploy Layer 1 endpoint-centric solutions to start with.
  • Integrate mobile applications into your fraud management framework, to ensure a cohesive strategy, and shared user and account profiles.
  • Recognize that the threat landscape can quickly change, pointing to the need for a layered approach and comprehensive framework.
  • Make sure your business processes and organization are properly structured to effectively manage fraud prevention systems:     – Otherwise, important alarms and alerts will be ignored.
Chad, who was filling in for Grayson, gave the presentation titled “Combating Today’s Financial & E-Commerce Threats with Collective Cloud Intelligence”. Key takeaways:
  • A combination of an influx of new, ever-evolving malware/threats and signature-based solutions have really put a hamper on the traditional AV approach-signatures require samples for analysis, but micro release cycles are too fast nowadays and most malware variants target less than 50 PC's.
  • APT's are very carefully executed to leverage zero-day exploits
  • The efficacy of 'spear phishing' is frightening-On average, only 12 targeted emails are needed to achieve a > 95% chance of success
  • 62% of breaches go unidentified for months (This is in regards to traditional signature-based approaches)
  • Platform specific solutions provide inconsistent levels of protection
  • A reactive rather than predictive approach just doesn't work
  • Cloud-based security is built to prevent these new age attacks.
  • Because the technology is cloud-hosted, all users are instantly protected from new threats as soon as they are identified (on an individual device, endpoint, etc).
  • A platform-agnostic framework allows for the same intelligence no matter what device you're using.
  • Being user-sourced allows endpoints to act as the 'eyes and ears' of the intelligence network, which helps to discover more targeted attacks and micro variants.
  • Advanced heuristics and our unique journaling and rollback feature allows for quick remediation for any 'missed' infection.

In all, it was another great show for Webroot and we hope to make it again next year!
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Today, Webroot put out a press release which highlights our presence at the event. View release here.
You can also track Yegor's live coverage from the event from our Webroot Twitter feed. See@Webroot Twitter feed.
( I especially love this pic that Yegor just posted. Grayson mid-conversation! 🙂 )
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Day 1 at SIFMA Tech 2013 is officially over. After a long day of presentations, demos, free swag, and networking, what better way to wrap-up the first day than with a few pictures from of event? Take a look below!

Grayson taking a few minutes to catch up on emails and threat news.

And here he is again. This time, he's talking all things WSA on the booth floor.

Interested visitors pay visit to the booth and grab some great free swag! Who doesn't like a key-shaped thumb drive?

Andrew and Guillermo working the booth early in the day.