Where in the world are Nic and Richard?

  • 22 September 2014
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Some of you may be in the know, and others may be curious to where the glorious Fro and his trust bearded sidekick might be, so here is a little teaser for you.  Do you know where Nic and I are this week?
Still guessing?
Need another hint?
We are in Austin, Texas for SpiceWorld 2014.  Some of you may know about Spiceworks and the community over there, where Nic and I help out other users and potential users of Webroot.  It is also the community Nic used to manage before bringing his awesomeness to Webroot.  But he and I are here, along with a great team, to conitnue to spread the word of Webroot and all the security solutions we can provide.  We will be posting up photos throughout the week in this thread for everyone to enjoy.  The event officially starts in 2 hours, and we could not be more excited.
More coming soon!

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Party time!
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Some additional photos. I think it's safe to say that the legos were a good idea. :)