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Just now I was testing arround with the Lure Page we can create in WSAT, I noticed we cannot fill anything in the Text Boxes. By clicking anywere on the Lura page I get redirected to the Educaional page or the 404 broken link page. Hereby flaged as phising victim. I can understand this behaviour....

In my company we have a landing page for our users to log in to an environment.
I would like to simulate the page where users fill in their information in text boxes
and only after clicking on Submit (its the only button) the user would be linked to the "Educational Page" or the "404" what ever is set up in the compaing. Not by clicking on some blanc space.

The HTML code I have creates fillable text boxes, but WSAT changes that to non clickable / fillable text boxes.

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We are having the same issue. It used to work, and this was a big selling point to see who entered there username. It was a great selling point. Why was it changed?
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Would like some of the dev's or a technician's answer on:

  • Is this going to be fixed?
  • Is there a work arround for it to work now?
  • Is this going to be re-implemented?
Thank you in advance


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