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Bandwidth Usage

  • 2 July 2012
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Bandwidth Usage
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(1) I have an ISP that limits my monthly bandwidth usage. What does Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus add to my usage per month?  I have 3 PCs.
(2) Excluding cloud-based file backup, what is the bandwidth difference between the Antivirus, Internet Security Plus, and Complete versions?
(3) Does the bandwidth required to update Webroot and use any Backup features on my mobile device apply against the phone's data plan?
(4) How much bandwidth is required by the mobile versions of Webroot?


All great questions. All similar topics! Below are the answers to your top bandwidth questions.
1:  The antivirus portion of Webroot SecureAnywhere uses an average of 650K per day per computer for cloud communications, with a general range of 300K to 1.5MB.  So you're looking at about 58.5MB per month across three computers for the AV portion.
2: Specifically excluding cloud backup/sync, nothing in Internet Security Plus or Complete will increase the bandwidth use.  The current password capability of Internet Security Plus and Complete uses about 20MB of bandwidth to install (one-time) and a trivial amount of data to transfer an encryped and compressed password payload anytime the toolbar is logged into or a pasword is added or changed.  That payload is generally under 2KB.
3: If you are connected to a WiFi network that is unrelated to your cell provider, then no, that data would not count against the cap imposed by your cell provider.  Otherwise, yes it would.
4: The definition files that are downloaded for Android's antivirus capability are trivial in size.  About 100K for the initial download and then incrementals of about 5-20K a week on average.  If you opt-in to WARN data (sending information to us regarding the threats found on your device as well as a the generic count of non-threat objects), that will only ever send across WiFi.  The iOS version uses no Antivirus definitions, as it's the SecureWeb Browser and SecureSync only.  SecureWeb has about a 300-500 byte overhead on HTTP connections for checking the safety prior to going to a site.  Lost Device Protection on Android uses about 3KB per day at most and only in extreme circumstances.

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