Day-to-day Use of Webroot's Mobile Security for Android

  • 3 December 2020
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Day-to-day Use of Webroot's Mobile Security for Android
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Mobile Security for Android will show a notification if:

  • It detects a threat to the security of your device.
  • Unhandled malware needs to be managed. Mobile Security for Android will provide a message on the Mobile Security for Android home screen.

Manual Scanning

Mobile Security for Android continuously scans your device and is always up-to-date. To run a manual scan, tap SCAN NOW.

  • Safe: Everything is working and your phone is protected.
  • Attention Needed: There is a security risk, and the app will ask you to manage the risk.

Malware Detected

When Mobile Security for Android detects a security risk, it will send a notification. Tap the notification to view the following options:

  • Remove: This will remove the security risk and prevent the malware from attaching to your device.
  • Request a Review: If the high-risk detection seems invalid, request a review to have our threat researchers check into it. Mobile Security for Android still recommends removing the threat in the meantime to keep your device safe.
  • Ignore: The app only detects high-risk threats, ignoring any threats to your device is not recommended.


Mobile Security for Android will also display the current status as “Attention Needed” on the app home page, with a red GO button to manage the security risk.

URL Block Page

Mobile Security for Android will display a warning before loading high-risk websites. The warning page provides three options:

  • Go Back To Safety: The best option for websites that have not been visited before. This will return the screen to the last visited page, or a safe blank page to continue browsing.
  • Request a Review: If the site is believed to be safe, this option will take you to open a ticket. This ticket will have Webroot’s threat researchers review and verify the site.
  • Unblock: Webroot does not recommend unblocking and continuing to high-risk websites. Only Unblock if the site is known not to threaten your personal information or security.

Menu and Settings

The app menu provides access to settings. Tap the menu (three dots) icon. Tap the menu and then:

  • New Tab: Creates a new browser tab with security status and search window.
  • New Private Tab: Creates a new private browser tab. Mobile Security for Android will not save your browsing history, cookies, site data, or any information entered in web forms on private tabs.
  • Bookmarks: Access websites previously bookmarked in the Mobile Security for Android browser.
  • Recent tabs: View a list of recently closed tabs.
  • History: View a list of browsing history in the Mobile Security for Android browser. Web history can be cleared on this screen.
  • Downloads: Access all the files and articles previously downloaded.
  • Webroot Support: Links to get help with Mobile Security for Android.
  • Settings: Access all settings for Mobile Security for Android.
  • Google Chrome™️ security: On/Off settings for Google Chrome. If Chrome has not been previously set up, this option will start the process. 

You are now browsing safely on your device and are protected from malicious sites
by an industry-leading cyber resilience company!

1 reply

I cant’t get this far it keeps telling me its incompatible with this version also l can’t submit a ticket for help the screen just sits l need a human to talk to to help me figure this out please.