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User Guide for Android

  • 27 April 2012
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User Guide for Android
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The user guide for Webroot Mobile Security for the Android can be found here.

4 replies

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After activating WEBROOT on my mobile phone I cannot see it on my computer when I access my account at Webroot because when I click on mobile security it just shows   Maintenance!! So is my phone covered by webroot antivirus > How do I wipe the phone in the event it is lost when I cannot see it on my computer

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Hello @mikelth and Welcome to the Webroot Community!


Yes the Online Console that shows Mobile Devices is broken and we have not been told when it will be fixed. See here for more info:




Work, shop, bank, and browse the internet securely. Webroot protection keeps you secure on your Android™️ mobile device, so you can click (or tap) with confidence. The Webroot SecureAnywhere®️ Antivirus subscription does not include support for mobile devices.

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the response. I do not know who you are or where you work and in what capacity you are sending this email.

Frankly I have given up with Webroot.  The functions provided by Webroot can be found anywhere on the internet. The key element to select which to use is,  like in all business, TRUST. The way Webroot handled the applications for mobile devices is high handed and fraudulent!  You pointed out that the subscription does not include support for mobile devices but then you also wrote that :

“….Webroot protection keeps you secure on your Android™️ mobile device, so you can click (or tap) with confidence. “ So I am a little confuse. 


In any case at the point when I took up their offer almost 6 years ago , their features did include  protection for mobile devices as well as the feature of erasing all data on mobile phones in case of theft or misplacing the mobile phones. They even specify the number of mobile phones their subscriptions will cover. Now they say that since Google has this feature they will not provide it which is unfair as we have directly paid for it. The point that Google is providing it is irrelevant to the agreement or contract we have with Webroot. WE specifically contracted with them to use their system for this feature not Google!!!


So you can see this company has decided to make changes to their service offerings after taking money for it and  then cancelling it without consulting with the customer or giving any prior notification. I am sure their action is against any Fair Trading Act. 


As a matter of principle I will not deal with crooks! So best you enlighten yourself and open your eyes wide open when dealing with  WEBROOT  and continuing to depend on them for internet security, something which we cannot touch, see  or feel until it is breached! The bottom line is TRUST and I do not trust them anymore