How to disable 2FA for Business

  • 8 November 2019
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You can disable 2FA for your Admin account, using the Webroot management console. There is no way for one Admin to control the 2FA options for another admin account, at this time.

Beginning in early December, if you attempt to log in to, you will be redirected automatically to a new login URL: Any bookmarked links to pages will still work, but will also be redirected automatically to the new login page URL. Please inform your customers as needed.


To disable 2FA for your admin account:


  1. Log into the Webroot management console
  2. In the top navigation bar, select the Admins tab.

  3. Go through the list of Admins, find your account and click it to display your Admin account details in the right panel.

    In the Admin details screen, scroll to the bottom, locate the 2FA section and click Disable.

  4. The Disable 2FA – Step 1 screen displays. You will need to provide your:
    * Email / Phone Number
    * Password

    Click Continue.

  5. The Disable 2FA – Step 2 screen displays. Enter the authentication code provided by the authentication app installed to your smart phone/tablet and click Continue.

  6. The Disable 2FA screen appears, click Disable 2FA to continue.

  7. Completing this process will take you back to the login screen and you will be prompted to log back into the Webroot management console, using your email, password and Security Code. The Security Code will be the same as it was before implementing 2FA.

    An email message from will be sent to your email address informing you that 2FA has been disabled.



For more information on 2FA, please see:


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