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What Now? How Small Businesses Should Respond to Data Breaches

  • 4 December 2017
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What Now? How Small Businesses Should Respond to Data Breaches
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Let’s say the worst has happened, and your business has experienced a data breach. Do you know how to react? What steps do you need to take to ensure your business and client data is recovered and secured?

The Federal Trade Commission has a few recommendations you should know about.

  1. Take all affected equipment offline. Immediately take any machines that may potentially have been infected off your network. If possible, replace them with clean, uninfected machines.
  2. Consult a security expert. Consider hiring a data forensics team to help you investigate the cause of your infection and assist you in remediating the attack. It’s a good idea to have a security expert in mind that you can contact quickly.
  3. Instruct all users to change their login credentials. If your users’ login credentials were compromised in an attack, your systems and networks will remain vulnerable until the credentials are changed.
  4. Check your website. Ensure that no malicious code was installed on your website, check to ensure all hyperlinks are still headed to the proper destination, and review all of your site content to ensure no personal information was posted on it.
  5. Consult legal counsel and law enforcement. Your legal counsel can help you determine whether you need to notify affected customers or regulatory agencies of the breach, and your local police department should be aware of the potential risk of identity theft. If they aren’t familiar with how to handle cybersecurity situations, consult the FBI.
These are just the first steps you should take following a data breach, but you’ve already taken the most important step—ensuring that your business, customer data, and devices are protected with industry-leading cybersecurity software.

If you need more security tips, you can connect with fellow small businesses in our peer group. And don’t forget, Webroot’s world-class support is standing by to help with any security concerns you may face.

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