Can i "downgrade" ?

Hi, so i'm new to the community.
And i only got 1 quick question i'd like someone to reply to! =)
Is it possible to "downgrade" my clients from 1 version to another one.

For example, i have about 500 clients running version but i would like to downgrade them to
How can this be accomplished?

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Hello @,
Thank you for coming into our community.
I am part of the Webroot Business Support Team. Typically we don't recommend on downgrading and therefore don't have a process for doing such. I am concerned if something is making you want to downgrade as you are mentioning 500 machines that you want to "rollback". Is there something that you need assistance troubleshooting or is this just an inquiry? We highly recommend creating a Support ticket either via your Administrator Console or by clicking here if you are looking into troubleshooting any technical problems. 
Webroot Business Support


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