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  • 16 January 2019
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I've been a customer for years and I am guessing hopping between email addresses to skirt the absurd auto-renew process has finally caught up to me.

I am trying to install SecureAnywhere on my new install. I have a 5-license purchase. When I attempt to activate with my code, I get the message "Enter a valid keycode. If you continue to receive this message, contact SecureAnywhere support'. I am directly copying the code from the keycodes webpage. I imagine that the issue is that I reached my max installs, in which case I will need to release the license from another device.

This is the issue:

When I go to open a support ticket and enter my email, the password prompt tells me I have an invalid password. I know the password is correct because I am able to log into the SecureAnywhere console.

I believe the issue is that the passwords are jumbled. Can someone assist me? It is frustrating that you can't open a ticket or phone support without a login/password.

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