Constant Yahoo Verification Code Requests

  • 4 April 2020
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I always get emails from Yahoo sending me verification codes.  The last one was for a log in in Vietnam.   I understand this is for my 2 factor verification that I setup for my email.  But is my account at risk?



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3 replies

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Hello @DaniloM 

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Have you done a Google search encase others are having the same issue? It could be someone trying to access your account in which after a couple of times of getting your password wrong, one can use the “Trouble Signing In” Yahoo link. Which could be causing all your emails from Yahoo. Also I would not click on any of those email links that you are getting. Go to Yahoo directly.



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I understand that someone is trying to log in my yahoo mail.  And I don’t believe anyone can just log into my account because I have 2 factor authentication.  I was curious however if someone can still hack into my account despite 2 factor authentication?  thanks!

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Hello @DaniloM ,

Please read this article below:

So it's difficult but possible to hack with 2 factor authentication as one can be tricked into relinquishing ones email information.  Phishing for example is popular with hackers. 

Nothing is 100% safe when your on the internet...right?

Hope this answers your question?