Create a scheduled scan for a mapped Drive or UNC location

  • 3 February 2020
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Hi All.

I bought webroot thinking I could schedule a custom scan, but it looks like webroot cant do this, so I am looking for a work around.

I have an external storage device, that I wanted to schedule scans for.  Unless I am missing something, it looks like you cant save a custom scan, so you can schedule it.  Is there some way to create a schedule of custom locations?  OR, as a thought on an alternative; I do see where you can right click on a location, and then click “Scan with Webroot”.  Is there a way to take the “right click to Scan with Webroot”, a step further, and create a bat file, to execute a webroot scan on a location?  If the scan could be initiated by a bat file, or some other recomended means like that; then maybe that means could be set on a task scheduler job

Ultimately, I need a way to set a schedule for scanning mapped drives or UNC Paths.  Looking for any creative work around, to make that happen with Webroot.



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