Duplicate entries when upgrading to Windows 10

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Has Webroot found a resolution to the problem of duplicate entries in the GSM console when agent systems upgrade to Windows 10?
We're constantly having to deal with going into the GSM and look for and deactivate the older duplicate (the windows 7/8 system) when they are upgraded to 10 in order to prevent being billed extra for endpoint usage.

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By the way, here's an updated version of the script that exports only duplicate entries to csv.  Automates the manual steps in Excel.  Unfortunately I don't think the API supports removing specific endpoints yet, so I couldn't automate it any further than this.
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This problem still persists, and now it is april 2020!   Every time a windows 10 feature update is pushed out we get duplicate endpoints in the portal. This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE wast of my time to resolve. PLEASE fix this problem (and yes it is a bug that needs fixing).   Just look at a client, and compare mac addresses and computer names and then do not create duplicates. Should really be a no brainer - come on get it done!!!!!!!!!!!