How to remove devices from my webroot account without having access to the management console that everyone keeps talking about?

  • 7 June 2023
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Hello I seem to be either an idiot or simply am technologically illiterate, but what I want to know is there a way to remove devices from my webroot account without the management console or contacting support?


I know, seems impossible, but all I want to know is if its safe to install webroot secureanywhere on my 2 Windows partitions or is there something I have to do before I can. I currently do not have access to the Windows Installations that had webroot installed and had to reinstall both Windows Operating Systems due to problems with the boot loader but that also removed my ability to uninstall webroot before hand

if there is a way please let me know.


if I am just an idiot or technically illiterate please tell me (Please don’t).


Kevin M.


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Hello @SFMG 


Well there is only 2 ways so it’s your choice!


Either do it from your online console or contact Webroot Support, there’s nothing we can do from the Webroot Community.