Install Webroot on Virtual Machines?

  • 6 December 2017
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Just wondering what the recommendation is with regards to installing Webroot on virtual machines?
I'm putting together a few new Windows servers that will host (Hyper-V) multiple Windows 2016 servers.
Should I install AV on just the physical servers?
Should I install AV on just the VMs?
Should I install AV on everything?
Thanks for any help.

5 replies

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You'd need it on all machines that you want to be protected.  We've had it installed on all types without issues.
Does the AV on the physical host scan the VM files?
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It likely does not.  Webroot is aware of the type of server its on and the types of files it shouldn't scan, and they probably don't scan the VM files since it could cause issues.  See this:
And if you really want to apply your own exclusions for the Hyper-V host, you may want to follow this:
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You may also want to see this:
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You may also want to see this:
Thanks for the help gmarlett, much appreciated.