Laptop stolen

  • 29 April 2019
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My laptop was stolen. We found the commands to lock and shut the laptop while at the Geek squad. I have sent these to the laptop. Will these work if the laptop when the laptop is finally connected to the internet after they were sent?

Best answer by LLiddell 29 April 2019, 21:14

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3 replies

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Hi Freddie123

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Yes, I believe that they should...but let's ping one of the Community Management Team who may be able to confirm this or not.

@LLiddell Hi Lara, would you be able to offer some guidance re. this or get someone from the Support Team to advise?

Many thanks, Baldrick
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It will need an internet connection, and it's the next time Webroot on that machine checks in. It's not immediate though, and can sometimes take a little bit for the command to go through.
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Than you.