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Hi I'm Davide and i have question: I have configured some endpoints with a 3-hour polling interval, but in console I see that the column "last seen" are updated more often,about every 20/30 minutes. I tried 1 day as interval, with same result. I guess it's normal but in this case does the polling interval indicate the maximum connection time? Or endpoint connects randomly within the polling interval configured? Thank you

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Salutations @ and welcome to our Community.
Any changes you make to your Endpoints, Policies, or other commands being sent will cause the Endpoint to check in to the Portal.
I suggest reaching out to our Support Team by sending a support ticket if you'd like a further explanation.
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Hey @
Systems in your console won't all report in at the exact same times. Normally they are staggared and if a system is asleep or turned off, it'll report in as sson as the system comes online, then default back to it's 3hr window. 
Also if a client runs a scan on their endpoint locally, that'll also affect the check in time, because as soon as a scan is initiated, the agent will check into the console.
I'd like to know  your reasoning for choosing a 3hr time though as I have chosen a default policy of 15min for all of my client sites. When I push agent commands, I'd like them to receive them as soon as possible. 
Also bandwidth isn't an issue because the agents are very efficient at bandwidth usage.