Registry hive not forming correctly when installed

  • 14 July 2017
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Over the past week, I have had handful of fresh webroot installs that have not created most/some of its registry. I have mostly come across missing keys under Status, which are either infected, managed, and/or attentionrequired. 

I manually added them and found that webroot would change them once added, when I used a test virus. However the latest one that I deployed was missing most of the sub folders under WRData.
I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled and rebooted without any luck. I have also left it running in this state for several days to see if it resolved itself.
This is an issue, because my company relies on registry keys as apart of it's monitoring processes to intergrate within our RMM tool. I also can't be confident that webroot is working properly, when it isn't installing it's registry keys properly.

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1 reply

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Hello @, welcome to our Webroot Community! Happy to have you on board.
I've checked with our Business Support Team and they've let me know this is more than likely an isolated incident. I've went ahead and created a ticket on your behalf and I'll leave their contact information here for easy future reference.
Business Technical Support: Call 1-866-254-8400
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