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  • 29 October 2015
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As an MSP I need to send a monthly report of all the cool stuff we do for clients each month that would otherwise go unseen. After all if we do our job right, the client never hears from us, except when we send the bill or otherwise proactively communicate with them.  So the threat history report is great because it will show everything we protected them from each month when we send it with the bill.  But obviously it defeats the purpose when an MSP tool requires manual intervention every billing cycle.  
Is there a way to schedule the report to go out to a client at a specified day each month?
Thanks for any help and ideas!
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You're in luck - we just recently added that feature:
Is there a way to show, via these reports, a more granular view? Example: Names of the machines protected, and status? The charts are nice, but not detailed enough for some of our clients.
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That's been a frequent request from what I've heard, @
The conversation I've opened on your behalf with our Support Team will help our Team hear your feedback.
Have this still not been implemented yet? The other post directing to another post, did not help at all.
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Hi @
We will be providing updates to the Business Feature Request area in the next few weeks once Product has gone over all of the outstanding requests. Will have an update for you at that time.