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Webroot recently started showing me a popup at start up of Windows 10 containing the words: “Sign up for MyAccount.” I am already signed up! Yet this braindead program keeps showing me the popup. I am getting tired of clicking the little X. There should be some built-in interaction between the popup and the fact that I am already “signed up.” I have tried just about every suggestion on the internet. Apparently Webroot has gone out of their way to circumvent the normal Windows popup override system. HELP!


Best answer by stfranklin 10 May 2022, 15:19

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I think my Webroot is now working as it should. I had a few pop-ups after the ‘fix’ was declared, but it seems to have settled. Fingers crossed.

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I take that back.

The dreaded, infuriating pop-up has just returned this morning!

Only when logging in, not when opening the Webroot console.

I’m going to send a personal message to TylerM.

It came back once for me too and now appears to be gone permanently.

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Great news all around!


Please let me know if anyone is still getting this popups persisting and we’ll escalate to support.

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Well. a couple of days later and I’ve just had the pop-up again after several boot-ups without its appearing. It’s hard to imagine why this is still happening intermittently.