sonicwall is shown as threat on webroot

  • 14 September 2022
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MY webroot everywhere CE 22.3 antivirus today told me that the sonicwall firewall protection on my desktop was a threat so I removed.  it  referred to w32,support.scam. was this wrong?  The sonicwall had been there for some time since March 2021 and so had webroot and not shown as a  threat before. What  do I do? I am very computer illiterate.  I also  have norton but was told this was not needed by the remote agent I was referred to by HO who installed webroot and sonicwall.

ANyone else had this probel,.


I thouyght firewall was different from antivirus. I  have windows 10.

5 replies

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Hello @davidca 


It’s best to contact Webroot Support directly!



I have now copied my message to webroot support but wonder if anyone else has had same experience 

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Hi @davidca 


Yea to much with Norton as well. You can keep Sonicwall with Webroot.



Webroot’s Firewall:


Managing Firewalls

The SecureAnywhere firewall monitors data traffic traveling out of your computer ports. It looks for untrusted processes that try to connect to the Internet and steal your personal information. It works with the Windows firewall, which monitors data traffic coming into your computer. With both the SecureAnywhere and Windows firewall turned on, your data has complete inbound and outbound protection.

You should not turn off either the Windows firewall or the SecureAnywhere firewall. If they are disabled, your system is open to many types of threats whenever you connect to the Internet or to a network. These firewalls can block malware, hacking attempts, and other online threats before they can cause damage to your system or compromise your security.

The SecureAnywhere firewall is preconfigured to filter traffic on your computer. It works in the background without disrupting your normal activities. If the firewall detects any unrecognized traffic, it opens an alert where you can block the traffic or allow it to proceed.




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Hey @davidca 


This is a label we will often give to some "fake security" files that are often put on someone's computer during a 3rd party tech support scam. These are typically a .bat to .exe conversion that will display a wall of moving text or some spooky IP's (a netstat command) before saying that it resolved the issues for you.


Unfortunately, in this case you very likely weren’t talking to a Webroot or Norton agent and were probably charged an exorbitant amount for illegitimate and subpar tech support. It would be best to reach customer reach out to our support to make sure this 3rd party does not still have access to their machine.


If you have already reached out to support from the link that @TripleHelix provided then I will have support check on your ticket




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Why have Sonicwall when Webroot has it’s own which works with the excellent Windows firewall ?