Stop with the popups "Sign up for My Account" and other popups. Just STOP.

  • 10 May 2022
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Giving McAfee and other cancerous anti-virus a run for its money in terms of ANNOYING and OBNOXIOUS

Who thought allow Webroot SecureAnywhere to send popups to their customers was a good idea? This is beyond annoying. I have never seen these sort of annoying popups until now this month and I’ve been subscribed since 2016.


Stop asking us to sign up for “My Account” and stop asking us to accept your terms of service. How many times do I have to close these damn popups before I chargeback my credit card?

5 replies

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 Thanks for your feedback @Zhen 


I agree this was more on the side of annoying even for me and as such you are not the first complaint we’ve had about this in-product messaging.


We have since turned off this messaging and it should no longer after after you reboot your computer. If you still see this message after the reboot please contact our support so they can keep you up to date with the resolution


Webroot Support:

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Still getting the popup after having restarted multiple times. The popup also comes up whenever I open the Webroot app window or when I click any of the options in right-click menu of the Webroot system tray icon. (Windows 10 computer) Have lodged a ticket with support. Hope it will be fixed soon.

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Yep, getting really annoying now...

I am also still getting these pop-up messages, even after signing up. (I thought that would stop them, but I guess not...)

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@Apan323 @cpcnw 

We have fixed this in the field and we’re seeing most people have this issue resolved, but if you are still seeing them after reboot then I would suggest opening a ticket so an agent can resolve this for you


Webroot Support:

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