Update on Winlogin 4005 & Terminal Servers - November 17, 2016

  • 18 November 2016
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Important update message for customers operating Webroot Secure Anywhere on Terminal Servers in a virtualized environment

Issued: 17th November 2016

Overview of known issue:
Webroot has been actively tracking and monitoring an issue that affects some customers operating Terminal Servers in a virtualized environment. During a fault condition, a Winlogin 4005 error occurs where an RDS user is unable to connect to the RDS server, and the event logs display a message indicating that Winlogin has stopped responding.
Interim advice issued by Webroot engineering teams recommended setting the WSAB Self-Protection function to ‘Minimum’ on all Server Policies as this significantly reduced the frequency of Winlogin 4005 errors in most cases.
Webroot engineering teams have developed a fix which is currently undergoing regression and environment testing. The engineering and QA teams continue to treat this as their highest priority and are predicting this new build will be targeted for release the week of 28th November.

Webroot believes this fix will eliminate the errors seen.

Following successful roll out of the fix, and a short review period, Webroot will remove the recommendation to operate Self Protection at the minimum setting.

Next Steps:
  • Webroot will communicate an update to this message on/by Friday 25th November.
  • If you face excessive issues with 4005 errors, please contact Webroot Support for assistance. In specific cases Webroot may be able to provide a beta build of the fix. Note that this beta version will need to be deployed with assistance from the Webroot Support team and involves additional steps not required with the fix release.
Webroot apologizes for the disruption and inconvenience caused and for the time taken to manage this complex fault. We also thank you for your continued patience and understanding in this matter.

Kindest regards, The Webroot Product Management Team

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Thank you for this update, look forward to seeing the fix! 🙂
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Any update yet?
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Yes, our product management team provided the following update last week -
Sorry for not updating this thread!
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Thanks Cat. 
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Replying so I can subscribe to this thread.
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Subscribing is good @.
Also want to make sure you saw this more recent update:
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@that link doesnt work
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@ wrote:
@that link doesnt work
@ the link should work for you now. Thanks! :D
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We have an upcoming agent update which will address the winlogin errors on RDS terminal servers. Please see the post and product bulletins here.
Click to see post and bulletin