Users unable to login to terminal server with Webroot installed.

We are deploying Webroot to our clients and have been running into an issue with users unable to login at a certain point. After testing we found it has to do with Webroot being installed on there but we cant figure out what is causing the issue and we've had to remove Webroot. This seems to only be affecting Server 2008 R2 environments. 

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See AKIM's link above to 4005 issue.
The solution shown there worked for me on one 2008r2 server, but not on a second one.
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I'm not having issues on 2008 R2 terminal servers.
Is there a KB article that will help with issues on these servers?
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I have confirmed that my RDS-Server policy contained these settings (listed in the KB article), and that it was applied to the server in question.
I used this poilicy previously on another RDS server (same OS) and it successfully resolved the issue.   On this server, however, the problem still occurs, about once a week or so...
Support has requested some diagnostic information, and I guess I need to gather that for them.
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Hi @,
Thanks for your feedback. We are working on being more transparent and sharing more information, and we actually have just launched a knowledge base area for known issues here. Here is the KB on for the 4005 issue. Please take a look when you have a chance!
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If there's a checklist, where is it?
Even great support is a pain - we're frequently busy with other things when support gets back to you.  Sometimes in the car, other times busy with another crisis...
If they'd publish updates in the Knowledge Base, we'd at least have something to work with.
I am frankly appalled that a major security softwareprovider could let this issue go on for years without a reliable fix.
So, I have started a support case and will wait until it's convenient for them to get back to me.   WR's response time has been good, no complaints there.   However, this issue is dragging on and it's inexcusable.   Shouldn't have to deal with this...
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No worries, @!
Yes, it should be stable so long as the steps are followed correctly. If you do somehow experience issues, please let the Support Team know in your ticket.
@ I have opened a ticket and have been given a process for a possible fix. However a question I have asked via ticket has been ignored: Is the latest version (currently 18.44) stable as long as the process is followed?
I understand from your previous posts that the process should not be explained externally so I appoligize if this seems vague.
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Good question, @.
No, as soon as you start to describe the issue you're experiencing they'll know what you're talking about. Thanks!
Huh - okay. So is there a parent ticket or other reference number we're supposed to use to refer to this known issue when opening a new ticket?
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They've informed me that they don't want that information shared externally. You can submit a ticket to get the process started.
I've still been foot dragging on moving my RDS servers back to Webroot - can you supply the most current checklist of thing we need to do with servers that previously had Webroot on them to get them back up and running with it safely?
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@, our Team has a checklist of items to go through to ensure you don't encounter these issues.
Please contact them at your convenience for further assistance.
Merry Christmas! ?
Hi Crossy,
At one of my customersites RDP-server are Server 2012 and NOT Server 2012 R2.
The 4 advised patches are for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 only. Installing them on my customers Server 2012 servers is not supported.

Does this mean that Webroot on Server 2012 (not R2) does not have 4005 errors or RDS connection Issues. Their present AV-software is at his end and i would like to rollout Webroot.
Hope you can conform that installing webroot without issues is possible.
Piet Walraven
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@ I have not looked all the way back through this thread but it looks to me like this is your first post on this topic, if not then my apologies.

However if this is your first post on this, can you please advise if you have tried the fixes that have posted all through this thread? It would be helpful to know what you have attempted to do to resolve this so as we, the community, can be of more help to you.

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Yes follow the same process but use the latest installer. The link for the latest version has obviously changed over time but as long as you have fully removed Webroot as per the instructions then this should resolve your issue.

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@, our Global Escalations Team says the newest build eliminates the 4005 error in all but the most one-off cases. They'll need logs to determine exactly why that is, so I've gone ahead and created a support ticket for you. Thanks for letting us know!!
Very disappointed this is still an issue with Webroot. We continue to have this issue intermittently across 30+ rds servers. I was advised against using Webroot a year ago due to this issue but foolishly thought it would be addressed.
Next step - replace Webroot with another solution.
I saw your post, however it looks like that Webroot installer is a few builds behind at this time.  Does a full removal with the programdata folder resolve it with the newer version of ?
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Hi Defconoi,
I was wondering if you have looked through my previous posts on this topic? I too am an MSP and experienced this exact same issue. My resolution to the problem has been detailed several times in this post. If you cannot find it then let me know and I will post it again.
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@, our Global Escalations Team has still heard of issues with users running Server 2012/2016. This can be due to not running a server policy or having too many unnecessary file overrides in place.
Please reach out to our Support Team so they can run through the necessary checks and escalate your case if necessary.
Support Number: 1-866-612-4227 M-F 7am?6pm MT
Send us a Support Ticket

We are an MSP with hundreds of servers and have confirmed that Webroot is crashing Terminal servers with a logged 4005 event running the latest version.  With webroot fully removed, the servers do not crash or lockup preventing logins.  We've had this issue ongoing for 2 months now, we are now demoing other products since this has not been resolved in a timely manner.  
To bring back activity to the server, the TermService service can be restarted to allow connections again.
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Hi Mierwins,

Just because you have version installed does not mean that the issue for you is different. A part of the resolution process was to ensure that Webroot was completely removed before applying the update.

Before installing the latest agent build please ensure that you have removed the agent currently installed and ensure that C:Program DataWRData has been removed (if not please delete this folder) Please ensure that you reboot the server after applying the latest update.

We were on so guess that wasn't our problem.  This later version has issues as well apparently.  
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Hi Mike,

As per my previous post....

Before applying the agent build we have created to address this issue, please ensure that you have applied the below Microsoft patches. These patches were designed specifically to address 4005 errors/RDS connection issues.

Before installing the following agent build please ensure that you have removed the agent currently installed and ensure that C:Program DataWRData has been removed (if not please delete this folder:
Please ensure that you reboot the server after applying the above update. If you experience any further issues, please update your support ticket and the escalation team will get back to you promptly.


What is the fix you're talking about?  We were having some major issues every day with users on our TS and looks like we finally tracked it down to Webroot on Server 2016.   I just opened a ticket today but the Tech didn't seem to have any insight and said he couldn't help because we uninstalled the product already.
If I can get this fix I'd be happy to try it on a few servers.  We should know within 24 hours if it solves our problem of TS locking up to a freezing/unusable state.  
@ wrote:
Hi RedZero5,

I have a mixture of Servers 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2016 I would have to do a bit of an Audit to be sure though.