Webroot Entension in Firfox stops working as soon as I go to Firefox 68

  • 13 July 2019
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Tested twice, in FF 67.0.0 Webroot Extension gives green check mark. Upgrade FF to 68.0, no longer get green check marks. Did restores and tested twice, same results. Also un-installed and re- installed Webroot. No differences.

For some reason it is now working and I haven't changed a thing, earlier Webroot wasn't showing up as an Addon Extension or Plugin under FF, it had just disappeared. It was there on 67.0.4 Then about 10 minutes later I checked and it was under Addon but was disabled??? Strange how it wasn't there and then was! Anyway I enabled and it's working.

1 reply

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Hello @diverjer

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Happy to hear that you resolved your issue,

Sometimes when Firefox updates, one will lose the Webroot Webfilter. So it is not unusual to have to check your browsers add ons and enable the Webroot Webfilter again. When FF updated yesterday I had to enable the WF as well.

Have a great weekend!