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  • 17 April 2019
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Hello all,

I am fairly new to webroot, and just lately have been deploying 200 computers more or less with webroot.

My problem is that:
  1. Deployment of webroot went great. (webroot installed).
  2. keycode didn't get registered. The deployment script was missing a "/" before KEY=
  3. I cannot see the agent/client on our web console.
  4. I can only manually remove / add new keycode or remove the software.
My questions is then, isn't there a way to "deploy" an keycode update towards all of my clients? without using the web console, since none of the 200 laptops showed up, because the keycode wasn't registered due to a typo in the deployment script.

How ever - i have tried running: C:\Program Files (x86)\Webroot\WRSA.exe" -uninstall - from our software distribution "software. But this doesn't start the uninstallation.
I can do it manually, but have to enter a CAPTCHA code.
But then I need to go manually through them all anyway??!

Haven't webroot created any tools to help with this? Can it really be?

I simply need a tool/script/file or something that I can deploy/push out that updates KEYCODE or simply removes the software.

All suggestions are highly appreciated.



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