WEBROOT SecureAnywhere 2yr. Protection Internet Security Complete Program (Hiccup) :(

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Well I just bought this internet security for my laptop and phone. I've followed all of the instructions, clicked all of the internet links provided by email, filled out the form to register and create an account... but for the life of me... it keeps kicking me out and saying that my email is not yet confirmed; and, it won't let me log in after i created the account. Hmmmmmm! I'm confused here ya'll. Same thing happened when I did what the paper said to do to download and activate on my phone. WTH??? I don't get it! I'm a 52 yr "young" Lady, and i know how to follow directions. I mean come on... anybody else have this issue and know how to rectify it?

Sincerely frustrated,

Mrs. Cheyenne Mass

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Hi Mywebroot1966

Welcome to the NEW Community Forums.

Sorry to hear about your issue.

If you are sure that you have done everything correctly then you will need to Open a Support Ticket as all of this is controlled in the back office & only Webroot Support have access/can check things therein.

Regards, Baldrick


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