Why am I not getting a password reset link / email?

  • 10 July 2022
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Hi folks,


I’m unable to login into my Webroot account as I’ve forgotten both password and security code.

I’ve requested a password reset link and I’m not getting any email with that.

The email address I’ve used to request the password reset is the one associated with my Webroot account.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.


3 replies

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Hello Miguel
Go to and lodge a support ticket.

Hello Miguel
Go to and lodge a support ticket.

Thanks. Have done that. Let’s see how long until I get a reply. Previous support ticket logged was not replyed before 10 days.

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OK, so stupid question time ;

I am assuming you have looked thorough your SPAM folder for he email? 

Assuming that, do you run any rules for filing emails? I have seen unsuspecting emails get snatched by a rule and stored in the wrong place. If you email reader has a search function, you might try searching for the email and see if it went somewhere unexpected? 

Also, depending on your email provider, your email may have been held by the email server for reasons unknown. 

Just a few things to check.