Why isn't Webroot fixing the problem with Backup & Sync Dashboard crashing

  • 9 September 2021
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The issue of the backup/sync function not working correctly on Windows 10 is addressed in several posts.

I have been having this issue for at least 3 years on multiple computers.  I am occasionally able to get it to work.  Going thru the Support system multiple times has been fruitless and frustrating.  This is an issue that is not a priority for Webroot.  It was suggested to me that I use Carbonite.  Why are they advertising the backup/sync on the sales page when it doesn’t consistently work?  They need to fix this issue or remove backup/sync from the product.  This used to be a great feature that was a major part of my decision to use Webroot.  I am now considering a different product.  I have been a loyal Webroot user for several years and kept hoping they would fix the issue.   I get it that their main product is security.  But their lack of dealing with a persistent problem in a part of the product package causes me to question the integrity of the whole product.  

1 reply

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@rjh ,

Can I ask what kind of answer was given to you by support? I’m happy to escalate the issue if needed. Please PM me any info you have including a support case number. Thank you!