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Hi Razied, 
Kindly share the cmd used in deleting mailicious program from your system.
I am looking to purchase Webroot for our company soon. We hae the trial version running (Version does anyone know if the issue in this thread is still a problem on this version?
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We addressed all known scenarios that lead to this issue with .   
Hope that helps
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Jonathan, still not working...I've had 2 of my Windows 2008 servers crippled with this isssue. Uninstalled Webroot on both and problem gone. Unlike the other memers in this thread, my problem only started a month ago. I'm running the latest release My company has invested a lot of money with Webroot. Please advise on the way forward.
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HI ,
Can you confirm that your servers were rebooted since the release and that the sympton you are seeing is a zero byte wrkrn.sys file? 
We just had this issue this morning on a 2008 Standard server.  We renamed .sys file and rebooted and everthing is good right now.  I verfied that the Webroot version was
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Yeah for me I get into the command prompt mode in the recovery options and to the magic windows commands to delete or rename and it reboots fine, however I hope to see this resolved entirely soon, as I have lots of pressures on me as a beta tester and QA person for 4 companies.
i renamed the wkrkrn.sys extension and copy the file from a working computer and the issue got resolved.


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