WSA business deployment started

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We have commenced with main WSA Business deployment with an initial rollout to 200k devices.  If the feedback is postive , then we will deploy to everyone else.
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WSA Business

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Yay!  At least 3 of those 200K are mine - I'm hoping that there will be more!  
cmon, I cant patch 800 machines until this gets to us.  Put me on that beta tester list or whatever
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Not true - there have been several methods posted about getting the Meltdown / Spectre patching done before this release.  The prior version ( is compatible with the MIcrosoft Patch - you just need to set the registry key "manually".  I put it in quotes because you can script it, use agent commands or potentially your RMM solution - Webroot, very early on, provided a self executing file as well.


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