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Activate new keycodes on existing computers from the web control panel

  • 11 May 2017
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I would like to be able to activate new keycodes on existing computers from  the web control panel, actually the keycode field is read only. 
In this way it could be possible to better manage protected PC remotely as You can do with various other options like activate/deactivate.
For example it was possible with another AV I had in the past:.

"To use a license on a device that has already been connected to the portal:
  1. Go to the Licenses section.
  2. On the panel of the license, click the Usage link.This link is displayed when it is possible to send a key to a device. Sending a key to a device may take a long time (up to 24 hours).
  3. Next to the icon of the device on which you want to use the license, click the Use on device button.
If the application has an active key, the key you send is used as an additional key. You can add an additional key if it expires after the active key."

6 replies

Hey @,
I don't if this is the same or not. Have you tried:
  • Going into the management console
  • Endpoint Protection
  • The site you want to look at
  • Group Management
  • Select the device(s)
  • Agent Commands (the options across the top of the list of devices)
  • Keycode
  • Then you've got Change Keycode or Change Keycode Temporarily
This is how I manage keycodes remotely.
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Hey @,
That was my mistake. I linked @ to post in the Business Feature Requests instead of here in the Ideas Exchange. My bad!
Let's at least get this one a healthy amount of kudos :robothappy:
Hey @,
No worries :D
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Oh Yes sorry, I didn't notice this, maybe I need to move the topic on the correct context?
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I've moved it for you, @Sorry about that! :p
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Hi @,
Thanks for the idea, we are looking into upgarding our web console to be more intuitive and user friendly. This is definately something we would like to look into.