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  • 12 July 2012
  • 7 replies

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I am having some issues with WSA ... malfunctioning Web Shield, Identity Shield, no padlock at all etc.
Webroot tech gurus have concluded that all my problems stem from the fact that my OS language is not supported by WSA.
So I have no other chance than to require inclusion of Czech language into WSA.
I may understand that our market is not as big and thus good as others but I have very strong argument which stands by me ... All other major players in the field of PC security have their products fully localized in Czech language. Just to name a few ... Norton, ESET, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky etc. etc.
Thanks & regards,

7 replies

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Thx Jim for the status Reviewed and I am full of belief that you, at Webroot, will decide to implement the Czech language because I cannot use the full potential of WSA due to the malfunctions described above. I think that inclusion of East Europe languages (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian etc.) into WSA is inevitable step for Webroot in order to get on those markets which by the way count together almost 60 millions inhabitants!
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We are working hard on creating localized versions of WSA right now in many languages. A date for a Czech product has not yet been released, but we'll update this Idea with a status of "In Process" when we are working on it.
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@pegas I've given my voice to your idea my friend.:)
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I'm just Bumping this Idea as we need more supported languages including Czech!
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I too am Bumping/Nudging this feature request as the East European market would seem to be a potential opportunity for expansion, given WSA's success elsewhere, and localisation is usually a pre-cursor to serious take up of a product that is this good.
Regards, Baldrick
Hello pegas ;-) 
As you probably know Polish version also is not yet published. Webroot comes with neglect to this part of the world, but it is a market here for at least 5-8 million licenses.
People at the top, managing the publication of the new version - we remember, we look forward ;-)
Best Regards
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. At this time we are not adding additional languages, but we will resurface this request if that changes. Thank you!


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