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Add support for Microsoft Edge within Identity Shield

  • 8 March 2018
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Can you please add the ability to add Microsoft Edge Browser to Identity Shield as at this time if you manually add Edge to Identity Shield you can't type in the address bar.
See here for more info:

4 replies

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Well, all I can say is that I hope that the 'Under Review' process has not just started, given the importance and growing use of Edge as the standard Windows 10 browser from Microsoft? :S
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A lot of these items are being updated to wherever they currently are in the process, I should have more information here soon.
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I'd like to see this happen as well. 
Currently the work around is to type directly into the search engine's website after you set it as your home page.  However, as a creature of habit and similar to most people, we would prefer to type into the search bar to utilize the search engine vs typing directly into the search engines website, espcially since that's the point of the search bar in first place. 
As a business owner my company is slowly migrating back to Edge from Chrome since webroot now has an extension.  Hoping to see the rest of webroots features (i.e. Password Manager, Identity Shield) migrate over to Edge as well.
Thank you for your time.
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This has been identified as a bug and we will work to implement it in a coming version WSA.