Add themes to WSA!

  • 12 April 2013
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It would be great if the user could change the theme/background of WSA to his wish. The orinigality of WSA would not be lost. A given set of themes based on green color could be included with WSA interface. The user simply chooses a theme from the set. Gradually Community members here could come up with newer themes each day and the Webroot members would consider and add them to the set of themes. This way the user will get refreshed from the new themes. The taskbar and desktop icons would also change accordingly by the chosen theme.

5 replies

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OMG, please not, never ever! WSA is proudly the state of the art product, so please don't change his sleek and luxury face. 
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My own 2 cents: Themes = additional graphic content needed.  Additional graphic content = bigger install files.  Bigger install files for the sake of themes = bloatware.
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No bloatware. The themes could be downloaded and installed separately. Many apps are doing this way. Flexibility. Only for those who want themes.
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We are planning user interface changes that will be included in our 2014 release, due to be released this Fall. At this point, there are no plans to include multiple skins. David's point about it raising the installation size is correct, because even if the themes are downloaded separately, there still has to be code in the agent to accept and utilize those themes. We're very proud of the tiny footprint of WSA, and anything we can do to keep that footprint as minimal as possible, while still maintaining optimal efficacy, is something we want to do.
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Okay I understand. Thanks.