Adding More Webroot Swag to the Webroot Store

  • 1 March 2018
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I created a spot for people to add their own Webroot swag ideas to our very own Webroot Store. To check out the latest that we have to offer, head on over to our store here:
If you don't see what you're looking for, add your idea in the comments below! 

6 replies

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Hi Drew ~
Let's make the Webroot store bigger:
1) skull hats - additional colors like navy blue, dark green
2) sweat pants (without ankle elastic) in colors like gray, black, blue with the webroot signature
3) tee shirts in additional colors like dark green, navy, white (women's and mens)
4) coffee mug in dark green, white, navy blue and other colors
                LOL don't you like the way I spend Webroot's money.....
5) socks in additonal colors like light gray, white, navy
6) short sleeve regular tee shirts in back, gray, white, dark green
7)  ?backpacks in black, gray, navy
8)  TBD
When I think of more, I'll be back!
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Apologies, but what is this...a department store or a serious & professional cyber security site? In my view we should stay with what we have and focus on the important side of things rather than giving the appearance that we are trying to commercialise things.Just my two pennies worth...for what it is worth.
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Hi @
We've heard from other Webroot customers that they want to purchase Webroot gear. In fact it was a really popular idea, submitted back in 2012. Our marketing team made this happen and we just wanted to share with the community to enable people to showoff their Webroot pride. 
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No disrepect intended but I beg to differ somewhat...the suggestion has zero kudos from the Community members and whilst I appreciate that merchandising is a necessity for some businesses, that sort of thing is best left to experts in that my very humble opinion, of course.
Why would I want to buy my clothing from Webroot lol!?!? I go to Webroot for my "cybercover". This is because I believe you to be the specialists in this area. Since when did you become specialists in "bodycover" for pete's sake??? To my mind, this is a ridiculous idea and, as Baldrick says, only serves to lower Webroot's image by making it look like a cheap, commercialised outfit rather than solidify Webroot's reputation as the benchmark for excellence in cybersecurity both for the professional and the consumer domain.
A big thumbs down from me 😞.
Webroot is what I look to for cyber security always updated always current! Webroot Rocks!!
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