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  • 24 April 2013
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It would be great if there was 'VIEWS' along with 'REPLIES', 'NEW', 'AUTHOR', etc. beside a thread in a sub-forum. That way we would know how many times the thread was viewed. 

6 replies

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Amit, Good morning!  The number of views is aready there, but it is located in a different place than the other stats.  Look down to the lower left corner of each post within a thread, the views count is listed there.
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Okay thank you David.
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I did some looking on this,.  The view count is located for every post within the thread.  The number of views on each single post goes up with each view of the thread, so if you go back to the very first post of the thread you can see how many total views for that thread.  Of course the last post shows how many thread views since the last post was made.
These counts go up regardless of which post from the thread is viewed: if you have a post from the middle of the thread bookmarked, it will count as a view on all posts of that thread.
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Thanks David for the shedding light on how the counters work. I was never thinking over it.
Really neat post. :D
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Thank you for explaining so clearly.
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This has been implemented across the Community.