Adding Webroot Desktop Shortcut

I was thinking it would be helpful to put a desktop shortcut for the Webroot SecureAnywhere software by default when you install the software. A lot of customers like to have the shortcut on the desktop and by default we only put an icon in the system tray and start menu. What do you guys think, would this be helpful?
MichaelB :D
PS: For those who do not know how to put a desktop shortcut on your computer, please follow the steps below.
1. Open Webroot SecureAnywhere
2. Go to "Settings"
3. Under Basic Configuration, check "Show a Webroot shortcut on the desktop"
4. Press "Save All" and then "Ok"

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Not for me. I always delete those pesky default desktop shortcuts. Prefer to keep most used shortcuts on taskbar especially since it's so easy to do with Win 7  :O)
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After talking with our Product Team, it sounds like we used to have that feature, but received requests to make it optional rather than default. So we did!As you mentioned, there's still a way to create a desktop shortcut in the meantime. I'm marking this one "On Hold" though to see if we get any more feedback from users that WANT to see this feature. Thanks for the idea!
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The desktop icon is addable during installation by going to Change Installation Options on the initial installation screen where you enter your keycode and checking the box for "Create a shortcut to Webroot on the desktop." Any user who wishes to have a desktop icon appear can use that checkbox. It is not checked by default because most people do not want it checked by default.


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